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Our relationship with the world

Tapping and Spiritual Evolution

Tapping and Spiritual Evolution

Energy Tapping is a gift that keeps giving. It can be used to  enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health. Margarita has discovered that it opens up a new perspective on spiritual enhancement. By looking at familiar rituals and prayers it is possible to come to a deeper awareness of the true spiritual,energetic movement underlying age old prayers and rituals. Not only does it bring spirituality into the concrete of our lives but it enables us to examine the implications for daily, social and political life. The answers we are seeking lie inside our own hearts and tapping is a portal.




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The Simple Secret To Wholeness

The Simple Secret To Wholeness

Because of our experiences in our family, our church or our school we have what is almost an allergic response to anything we perceive as religious. Let us revisit our familiar places, as the people we are today with the wonderful energy tools with which we have been gifted.Let us rediscover the hidden power of what we were already given although it was badly wrapped. Today let us enter the love and power of the words," Father may your name be held Holy"  

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Praying Inside Words

Praying Inside Words

When we stop and slow down we arrive at the same place and see it as if for the first time. This is what happens when we enter into the words of a prayer like the 'Our Father'. A new world opens up before us and allows us to enter into a dimension of ourselves where we too are transformed and can enter the flow of wholeness and peace that comes straight from the heart of a loving Creator, the true Source of being. Let us take this journey with an open heart, leaving aside our fears and our prejudices and knock on the door of our own hearts.We can be a doorway to peace for many others.

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Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians have one powerful way of creating peace. We live in untold and untried inner wealth and power. We have not yet discovered this power. Let us begin by coming home to ourselves. We are travelling abroad through our thoughts. We are looking in the wrong places for answers to the questions that haunt us.  Unbridled fear paralyses us. Despair roams among us. A light is shining and we need to rediscover the sign posts to world peace and true wealth.

We were left a powerful summary of the truth of who we are. So much have we forgotten that we race through words and never inhabit them. We are creating a world of poverty. Let us examine our treasure.

By entering into and allowing ourselves to be inhabited by the prayer of Jesus, the" Our Father" we will discover a clear path forward.

Please read the following article: Standing in who we are.

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Helping our Brothers and Sisters in Syria Energetically

We long to help the suffering people of Syria. The power to help politically, economically and socially rests on the forgotten dimension of the spirit. Military power may no longer be the primary solution.

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Politics and Emotrance

Where Emotions evoked by politics. feelings when your preferred candidate loses. the good of the country......

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