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Transforming Stress Energy Using Imagery



With clients who are not energy sensitive and are unwilling to try working with the energy of events, releasing energy through images that are meaningful may be the answer.

I listened to the same stressful story repeated several times over. The client was unwilling to release the energy with EFT or Emotional Transformation and I myself was beginning to feel an increase of stress.

I realized that the low energy state being created by the repetition of the account of stressful events was reinforcing the client’s stressful state. So I decided that the use of ‘concrete energy’ though images was needed.

I reminded the client that while they repeated the story it was as if they were plugged in to the event that caused the stress in the first place. This meant that there was a continuing connection between the caller and the source of the stress. I used the image of a telephone which remained connected after the call was over.

I also suggested that because they were at a low vibration they were more vulnerable to the energy of aggressive situations. Thus they themselves were attracting the stress producing situations. I was not sure how much they understood or agreed with this.

Since they said nothing but seemed to absorb what I was saying I felt I could do some surrogate work later.

Later I asked the client’s higher Self for permission to work with the client energetically to release the connection between them and the source of their distress.  I imagined the client in my stomach area and visualized them on the telephone connected to another telephone. The wires were literally emitting sparks of energy. I then imagined a break in the energy of the connecting wires and each person taking back into themselves the energy that they were projecting to each other unsuccessfully or successfully (according to your perspective!).

I felt a great lightness and relief when this happened. When I next spoke with the client they were very calm and made no mention of the stressful events.

This experience leads me to wonder if energetically transforming the energy of appropriate images  could be very helpful in supporting the evolution of situations. This is something I feel can well be achieved in Project Sanctuary.

Margarita Foley

Posted Aug 29, 2013   

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