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The Simple Secret To Wholeness

by Margarita Foley

The Simple Secret To Wholeness

Because of our experiences in our family, our church or our school we have what is almost an allergic response to anything we perceive as religious. Let us revisit our familiar places, as the people we are today with the wonderful energy tools with which we have been gifted.Let us rediscover the hidden power of what we were already given although it was badly wrapped. Today let us enter the love and power of the words," Father may your name be held Holy"  

The words of the "Our Father" have been part of my life since I was a child. I have always felt very comfortable with the words. My earthly father was a spiritual man in a very practical way so transferring my affection to the Heavenly Father was not too difficult. Yet it has taken me many years and many experiences to begin to appreciate the power for me and for the whole of humanity in the words "Father may Your name be held holy".

I understand these words to mean "May the Wholeness that is God be in me and in each person and in the whole universe. For those who feel skeptical we can pay attention to the feelings evoked in us by the words:

"Where do I feel this in my body?

Tap or " Breathe deeply and Soften and Flow"

Breathing into the energy of the words, "May your Wholeness flow in me" I allow my energy to be transformed.


Why have these words of the "Our Father" so much spiritual/energetic power for those who enter and receive them as they were intended? It has to do with the transformation that the life and death of Jesus, the man who told us he was the Son of God brought about in the being of people. He was the personification of that wholeness. By committing himself totally to his purpose to bring Healing and reconnection to all of humanity he took all of humanity's loss of connection into himself. He did not become a "Victim" of hatred and violence. He accepted it and allowed it to flow back to The Father.

I am reminded these days of Jesus when I see the killing and violence being endured by so many in the Middle East. These people may not be fully aware of it but they too wanted to transform situations. Their deaths are cruel and unjust but their lives are calling forth in us our need for wholeness.

In our lives we can contribute to the healing of people and  by entering into the energy of the words and letting them change us and flow out into the universe to transform the energy that is wasted in violence and hate.

!.  I enter the energy of these words and allow them to flow through my being

     "May the Wholeness Of the Father / our Source flow through me"

2.   Where I do not resonate with the words, I notice the effect on my energy and release it.

3.   When I feel the energy of the words flowing freely through me and I feel the truth of them I send the energy out into the energy fields that surround us all

4. I am contributing to a better world in my capacity

What can happen when we all do this? Soften and flow the words, "May the Wholeness pf The Father be in me and in people and situations everywhere"

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Posted Sep 15, 2014 by Margarita Foley   

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