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The True Movement of The Universe

The True Movement of The Universe

"No crash of drums, no flash of light and yet the most spectacular news of all has been celebrated this week-end in the Christian world. Even if we did have a great flash of light or a crash of drums would we get the message? Maybe yes, maybe no. Spring is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere and it too conveys something of the message and yet we don't seem to get it. Why? Perhaps because our heads are too busy and our minds are too preoccupied with other things like protests, strikes, wars, injustices and so forth. So we miss out on the simple solution to our problems. We feel that our problems are serious business and deserve more complex solutions. So we stay in our heads and forget our connection to the earth, to our environment and to other people. We need to enter by way of our body to be more grounded in reality.

Yes of course there are many complexities but they can be solved if we start from the simple. After all life starts with a single cell.  When we take time out to look for solutions we begin to look at the problems and to feel overwhelmed by so many aspects and issues that seem to appear. We need to find a way to clear our vision from the emotions that cloud us when we concentrate on what is wrong rather than on our own inner response to what we see as problems around us. I like the word challenge as it implies that there are possible solutions. However we need to remember there will be no utopia and that challenges are what propel us forward to progress.

Given this we move from the simple and begin to unfold the treasures that lie hidden in the challenges. From my discovery that it is the movement of Life through our being that is propelling us forward, while at times seeming to throw us backward, I have looked for simple ways to begin solving my own personal challenges.

 There are innumerable ways being suggested every day. Many of them make great sense and others seem less comprehensible to the everyday person.  Among my favorites are Emotrance, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and a variety of ways to release blocked energy flow as evidenced by our emotions. Here I will  speak about the one which I feel is so easy a child can do it, namely Emotrance. This is a way of noticing what we feel in our body and seeing how it is blocking the flow of life energy through us. It shows us how to release blocked energy through intention and breath and simple massage. Once our 'energy flow' has been restored all our systems can come into alignment. Our vision is clearer, solutions can become more obvious, our inner state is improved and our creativity is enabled to find truer and more lifegiving solutions.

The connection between this and what we have celebrated in the Christian world this weekend may not be obvious until we look more closely. The man called Jesus who Christians recognize as the Son of God came to bring good news to humanity. He left many words of wisdom, but more than that he gave his own life as a testimony to the truth of what he taught. He let them take him and accuse him of perverting their nation and all the time he was forgiving them, that is not holding their wrongdoing against them or condemning them. Instead he surrendered all that was laid on him and with which he identified in his humanity. His last words on his cross were,"Father into Your Hands I release (commit) my spirit". For a believer this is the moment when the flow of life was restored to humanity. There remains however the challenge for each of us to call on the power of this in our daily living and in our corporate living and do the same for ourselves and each other. Quite daunting I admit but it makes so much sense.

Emotrance mirrors this movement in the micro world of our bodies in that we acknowledge our own bodies and spirits as being one. We look into our bodies for the place where our emotions indicate our blocked flow. We allow it to soften and flow and find its pathway out of our body. We are then able to receive the inflowing of lifegiving energies that our systems need to bring us into alignment with the flow of life and enable us to contribute in a healthy and creative way to the life and wellbeing of people in our world.

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Posted Apr 9, 2012   

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