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The Present Moment and Emotional Transformation

The Present Moment and Emotional Transformation

The Present Moment is rich beyond compare because of the creative presence of God.

A present day gift called Emotrance or Emotional Transformation comes to calm our being and enable us to appreciate the richness of the moment

As many of you already know I am a member of a religious community. One of my favourite sayings from Marie Therese De Soubiran, the woman who founded Our Community is:

”Oh wealth of the present moment for you contain my God”.

Marie Therese lived this in her own life and left us a gift which reminds us every day of the present moment.

We meditate each day in front of a circular glass container with a small white wafer inside contained in a silver frame.

This according to our belief is the presence of Jesus under the form of a wafer of bread, which He left to us through the power He gave to his followers during his last meal with them. For many people this may have no meaning.

For us it is set against a life of study and practice of the teachings of Jesus. This results in a deeper awareness of the living presence of Jesus. So when we meditate on the presence we are present to the Person of Jesus.

In the early days of our religious journey we may not be aware of Jesus’ presence in our own hearts. As time goes on Jesus becomes more real to us and this allows us to discover His presence everywhere in ourselves and in all people. What does this mean in practice?

In the writings of the scriptures Jesus says to his followers about other people, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to Me”. This means that when we truly love and care about other people it is the same as doing it to Jesus Himself. This also reminds us of our interconnectedness with all of life.

For me an event in my life ten years ago has led me to an even more joyful awareness of the tremendous power of Jesus’ presence. This happened when I learned about emotional transformation or Emotrance.

The basic Emotrance technique is used to release the blocked energy of emotions that have not been fully processed through our energy systems. It has evolved and its applications are numerous.

For me when I meditate in the presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle I can easily release any blockages from the day with Emotrance. This is only the beginning and I can allow the energy of Jesus’ spirit to grow more intensely in my heart.

This acts like a light inside me where pain melts and love can grow both for myself and for other people.

I have also drawn the energy from the presence of Jesus to help other people with their pain and to accept whatever they need to accept about themselves.

When I pray the prayer of Jesus to The Father I allow the energy of each phrase of the prayer to pass through my body. This allows the words to come alive in me and become real for me.

The spontaneous movements of the body in response to the energy of music or other rythms is called Energy Dancing by the innovator of Emotrance, Silvia Hartmann.

So I can now dance my prayer to express thanksgiving, or joy, sadness, even anger or whatever is happening at the time.

Emotrance allows me to be truly present in the moment.


Margarita Foley Emotrance Practitioner and Trainer


Posted Oct 11, 2013   

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