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The Power of Positives

The Power of Positives

For those who want a simple yet profound way of sparkling up all aspects of their lives Silvia Hartmann is generously sharing with the public the great gift that is The Positives.

She has found a faster and delightful way to transform the energy body with a totally new appproach.  I find my own energy creativity stimulated and my clients are delighted with it and never fail to leave without a broad smile and a feeling of "Ths is did we not know this before?" 

Silvia believes in enabling the client to come to the happiest place possible in the shortest time possible. And boy does she succeed.


I am so excited that Silvia Hartmann is generously sharing with the public the great gift that is The Positives.

Silvia has practiced EFT as Gary Craig presented it.Then Silvia ever creative and passionate about moving things forward and having discovered the everypersons' way of understanding their spirit or energy body went ahead and incorporated her new knowledge into a brilliant course called Energy EFT.

For those who want to enter or move to the next level this is a course you willnever regret taking It covers so many levels and aspects of the person that It will keep us busy for many years to come.

As if this were not enough she has found a faster and delightful way to transform the enery body with a totally new appproach. Every time I open this manual I find my own energy creativity stimulated and my clients are delighted with it and never fail to leave without a broad smile and a feeling of "Ths is did we not know this before?" 

Silvia believes in enabling the client to come to the happiest place possible in the shortest time possible. And boy does she succeed.

I am unashamedly attaching the whole of her article on "The Power of Positives". I am passionate in finding the shortest way possible for the everyday person like me to access the most powerful part of themselves. Only yesterday in conversation I had a lady move from the victim state to "Yes, I am a strong person." and hervoice and attitude told me the story of the change of state. And that was from a simple conversation.

The Power Of The Positives:


Created by Silvia Hartmann


Q: What do we need to live, love, succeed and make our dreams come true?

The answer is simple.

We need lots and lots of ENERGY.

We need to feel good, strong, powerful inside.

We need to feel wide awake.

We need to be in full possession of all our Creator given faculties in mind, body and spirit.

We need


Positive Energy:

  • Makes you feel good

  • Makes you feel strong, young, alive

  • Helps you think smarter and faster

  • Puts a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eye!


Positive Energy is the SOLUTION to:

Sadness, anxiety, stress, depression, and all manner of "failures to thrive."


Positive Energy is also the solution to:

Low self esteem, social anxiety, lack of confidence, procrastination and "feeling stuck."

Of course!

What else could be ...?

We have been taught that we have to constantly go backwards, into the past, to re-live all our failures and worst moments and when we do, somehow, mysteriously, we'll become "healed" and live happily ever after.

That's a fairy tale.

That's what can keep good people STUCK in decades of therapy - and nothing much is achieved.

If endlessly looping back into the past can't help us now, then what else can we do if we want more exciting, more vibrant lives filled with moments of joy rather than ever more pain and misery?


Energy is the answer!

HeartsDo you remember a time when you were in love?

What that felt like?

How gravity was lighter, the sky bluer, life was simply FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL?

How things that seemed so difficult all of a sudden became easy?

How opportunities piled up like the proverbial buses?

How luck and magic just seemed to happen as a bye-the-bye?


Being IN LOVE is a HIGH ENERGY STATE - and you don't reach that by focusing all the time on the problems of the past, but only by raising your energy and feeling good right now - getting into high energy states at will.

Specific Positive Energy forms are the ANTIDOTES, the REMEDIES to our problems, they are the matter to the anti-matter of low energy states of stress, depression, powerlessness, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, heartache and loss of hope.


Feed Your Energy Body!

Positive Energy is the answer we have all been seeking.

It has nothing to do with "positive thinking" and is all about learning to manage your own individual energy body and to FEED YOUR ENERGY BODY WITH DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS positive energy forms.

When your energy body gets into flow, starts to really come to life and sparkle within, life simply becomes a different place - and it doesn't matter how old you are, or how rich, or how fit, because the energy body doesn't care about any of that!

In fact, we believe that the older we get, the more powerful and sparkly our energy bodies are supposed to become - so powerful in fact that by the time the physical body fails, the energy body can stand on its own and rises as the immortal soul to the next level of being.

Of course, we can't prove that.

But what we can prove, and prove beyond any shadow of a doubt, is that POSITIVE ENERGY is going to make you feel better, feel stronger, feel brighter, help physical illness and injury heal faster and most importantly, that when you know how to work with Positive Energy forms, it will transform the way you treat yourself.


Energy Nutrition!

Make no mistake - is NOT "positive thinking."

Learning to work with the Power of the Postives is (re)learning how to FEEL GOOD, right here and now by understanding ENERGY NUTRITION - what your energy body needs to flow powerfully and provide you with the energy you need for life!

This gives you the energy you need, the strength and the power to shape your life pro-actively and to your desires.

  • You are going to learn practical, easy and BRAND NEW methods to feed your energy system with the exact right energy forms you have always needed and sought.

Our energy bodies have been completely ignored, misused, neglected and left in advanced scurvy conditions for decades - no wonder we have such a hard time in life!

Without a happy, powerful energy body, there can be no joy. No luck, no love and everything will seem like too much hard work.

Yet it is so simple to feed your energy body right!

We are going to discover what kind of energies you as a unique and individual person need the most, and how we can finally "feed our energy bodies right" so that they become strong, happy, shiny and what they were always meant to be.


A Rainbow of Simple, Powerful, NEW, Modern Techniques!

The old monks from 10,000 years ago could have had no idea of the challenges which face us modern people today, so it is little wonder that the ancient teachings leave so much to be desired and often quite frankly simply fail to work in our whirlwind worlds of the 21st Century.

Our energy bodies have never been under so much stress before in the history of humanity; our lives are nothing like those who lived in little villages and hilltop monasteries in the distant past.

We need new, modern techniques for intelligent, stressed 21st men AND WOMEN and their energy bodies, and these have been created over three decades by Silvia Hartmann and her teams of researchers.

We are going to discover and experience the transformational powers of:

Positive EFT - Experience the ease and delight of this NEW BREAKTHROUGH technique for instant energizing. Go straight to feeling good, do not U-turn into trauma, do not collect a waste paper basket of soggy tissues first. There is no need! With Positive EFT, you can feel better in under five minutes - and that helps in real life, time and time again.

Positive EMO - Learn to remove shields and blockages to powerfully nourishing energies that are around us all the time and including nature energies, animal energies and even people energies.

Positive Storytelling - Discover the amazing power of Positive Storytelling to raise spirits, give and receive amazing gifts of information and experience and more. Old as humanity itself, Positive Storytelling can be used with friends, in conversations, and with children to create truly amazing experiences that lift us all.

Positive Creativity - Find out how we can use imagination and fantasy to create mindblowingly beautiful and intensely uplifting experiences and works of art that are absolutely magical in every fibre of their being and will protect, cleanse, nourish and uplift the energy systems of everyone who come into contact with them.

Positive Energy Magic - Prepare to be delighted by learning what we can do with nature energies, with powerful animal energies, the energies of plants, essential oils and essences, crystal energies and energy artefacts. You already know what you love and what inspires you, now take it to a whole new level and unlock the Oceans of Energy for yourself!

Positive Autogenics - Discover the joy of Project Sanctuary, a method for creating positive energy experiences and energy essences in direct response to the "needs of the day" - and which was created by a three year old child!

All methods, techniques and patterns are practical, simple and delightful - if you are interested in energy, emotion and understand the power of working with your own energy body, you will love these experiences.


Direct from the Creator!

Silvia HartmannExperience THE POWER OF THE POSITIVES direct from the creator herself, Silvia Hartmann.

Silvia is the author of Positive EFT, Energy EFT, EMO, Project Sanctuary, Events Psychology and Infinite Creativity. She is the chair of the Association for Meridian & Energy therapies and a passionate advocate of modern energy work for modern people, creating methods and techniques that don't just work, but make sense and feel good.

A truly inspiring speaker and a wonderful teacher, Silvia shares her latest discoveries based on a lifetime's experience - true, practical, down to Earth methods that will absolutely bring more joy and more positive energy into your life.

You will come away from this day with an entire treasure chest full of delightful NEW techniques and practical patterns you can use in your daily life to give you more energy for life, love, work and play.

Not only that, you can use these techniques and share what you have discovered with friends, children, loved ones, work colleagues and clients too.

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on

The Power Of The Positives

Positive Energy For Life!

Direct from the Creator

With Silvia Hartmann

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

10am - 5pm

Sedgwick Park House near Horsham

At Sedgwick Park House
Sedgwick Park
Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 6QQ

Overnight accommodation available from £45 pp B&B sharing.

Contact Silvia Hartmann after making your workshop booking



Positive Energy For Life!



All Inclusive Day Price £150


Click to Book

Payments Accepted by Paypal or Card

*Course price includes all refreshments, incl. lunch, reading materials and Positive Energy Certificate.

** Upon acceptance, we will email your course details with your receipt.

*** See you there for the most amazing course you've ever taken!!!


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