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The Power of Positive EFT

The Power of Positive EFT

I am still buzzing after a session I had tonight with a client using Positive EFT.

The client wanted to work on 3 or 5 issues that have been troubling her for some time.
At first I thought she would resist going straight to working on positive feelings instead of the traumatic feelings. On the contrary she was delighted.

Once she looked at what she wanted in place of her low feelings she got quite excited and tapping was just a 'piece of cake'.

Instead of tapping on feelings about not having money, we tapped on 'more wealth'.

Instead of tapping on 'I cant do maths' we tapped on 'understanding maths'

Instead of tapping on feelings about her present house, we tapped on 'new home'

As we tapped she even found more appropriate words to tap for what she wanted.
She was absolutely rolling around with joyful laughter as we tapped on the positive of each issue.

I tested her on each of them and her feelings had completely changed.

I now keep asking myself, "What else is possible?" as I can see all the ways Positive EFT will change the way we tap.

For example how wonderful to tap on 'miracle of healing' and to experience the flow of that energy instead of tapping for hours around the emotions evoked by a particular illness or pain.

I feel the intention with which we endow the word or short phrase is important so that it carries all the energy of what we need.

I have to thank Silvia Hartmann for seeing the obvious in the ordinary and for opening our eyes to the wonders that are possible in such easy and do-able ways.

Posted May 30, 2013   

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