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The Joy of Release and Evolution

The Joy of Release and Evolution

Releasing energy which we unconsciously carry in our bodies is an unbelievable experience. We open uo space to allow for all the energies we long for to rise in our being like a fountain flowing through every organ and every cell of our body.


The Joy of Release and Evolution

She arrived looking very happy, even  light hearted. When I asked how she was her face crumpled. She became like another person. She allowed tears to roll down her cheeks.

I waited for a few minutes and then I asked , What is happening?

She shook her head for a few moments as she sought to find words. Then she almost screamed as she said, I feel completely overwhelmed. I feel as if I am carrying years of hurt and abuse inside of me.

“Where are you feeling this in your body?  I asked. She pointed to her stomach and said it felt as if there were layers and layers of feelings piled up there. She said she had been feeling tired and disinterested in everything. I told her it was not surprising since there appeared to be so much energy needing to be released.

Let all worries empty into your hands and hand them up and over to your higher self to deal with

I wondered how best  to help since there were many layers. Then my old friend “Snow Globe” came to the rescue.

I encouraged her to open her hands and pour in the energy of all those feelings she had been carrying even if she couldn’t remember all the occasions or the circumstances as her body would remember and as long as she had the intention to release all the energy. She began to do this and it was obvious she was happy to release all that she had been carrying over years.

She raised her hands in release and was completely silent for a moment. I asked how she felt and she took a deep breath and broke into laughter. She said she felt as if a space had been opened in her stomach area.

Because she appreciates her connection to the Divine I asked what energy she wanted to ask for. “Joy” was her reply.

 Handing it all over and asking for Joy

We connected with a fountain of joy rising up inside her body and breathed  into it to increase the flow. Immediately she felt a surge of energy through her body. She moved her hands upwards and outwards and said the energy was falling like a shower inside and outside her body.I encouraged  her to continue breathing and strengthening the flow for a few more minutes.

In the end she looked radiant and completely transformed.

When I asked how she felt about all that she had been feeling, she said it was completely cleared. We both stood silently appreciating what had just happened.

When she left I began to look at what I was feeling and I realized that I too needed to get in touch with some feelings to do with family situations that I have been  ignoring. So there and then I did some clearing of my own, using the “Snow Globe” pattern. When I  contacted my inner fountain a flow of peace flowed through and over me as I experienced a feeling of warmth and deep comfort.

I can say a heartfelt, “Thank You” for all the wonderful and ‘easy to do’ ways with which we are gifted.

Posted Jan 21, 2015   

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