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The Bare Essentials

The Bare Essentials

The event of Christmas has a wonderful gift for each of us.

Experience it with me in this special meditation.

The Bare Essentials

I sat and gazed at the representation of the Event that has impacted the lives of millions over the centuries and I wondered…..

I then decided to enter the original event so I could better absorb its significance and meaning for me today in 2012. You may ask how this is possible. So I shall describe my experience.

Everything is present in the energy matrix. I can enter an event spiritually or energetically and experience whatever it has to teach me today. Of course I use my imagination and all my senses including my intuition.

                                                            Christmas Event                      

I enter the poor shed where the young couple Mary and Joseph are trying to enfold their new born baby and make him as comfortable as possible.

 I feel the cold wind blowing through the holes in the walls. I shiver and pull my jacket closer around me. I hear the strong breath of the animals. It feels as if they want to warm the atmosphere. I am grateful for their presence.

There is a deep stillness in the night air. Joseph is wrapping a cloak tenderly around Mary and encouraging her to rest a little. The light of the storm lamp casts deep shadows around.

I cannot take my eyes off the baby and the tenderness of the parents.

Suddenly a bright light surrounds us. It lights up every corner of this poor shed. I am enveloped in a feeling of great joy. Something marvellous and wonderful is happening here. The air is filled with singing although there is no sound.

I allow myself to be drawn into the joy and I no longer feel the cold or the discomfort of this poor place. I hear voices inside me saying that the wound is healed. I become aware of a deep peace all around.

I take a deep breath and absorb the experience and allow it to flow into my heart and through my whole being. Truly a wonderful event that never ceases and continues for all those who choose to absorb its spirit and meaning.

Margarita Foley

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Posted Dec 28, 2012   

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