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Standing In Who We Are

Getting to know our initial reactions to the words,'Our Father' can lead us deeper in knowing who we are.

When we stand we are allowing our energy to flow freely through our body. Of course we allow energy to flow no matter what position we are in,but when we stand we are asserting ourselves more strongly.

So let's begin.

The 'Our Father' is a universal prayer, that is any person can enter the words and relate to their meaning.

Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God appearing in our humanity.

Since this is what He taught we can explore our feelings as we go through each part of it.

As we say ' Our Father in Heaven' we simply allow the energy of the words to flow through our body.

We notice the effect they have on our energy. If we notice blockages coming from our natural scepticism we simply breathe and soften until our energy runs clearly.

Then we are more easily able to know what we believe and where we stand. We may experience many feelings which come from our own personal experiences.

Frequently we never resolve or evolve these feelings and so we never grow either as people or in spiritual awareness.

The simple words 'Our Father' may evoke negative feelings as well as positive ones. So we need to explore those feelings to see how we can evolve them. When we allow ourselves to evolve our feelings new worlds open up and we may begin to discover depths in our selves we never suspected. 

Of course we can have many fears about going deeper.

Emotional Transformation can help us come to a clear opening to a world of love, peace and joy. However we need to be willing to try. If we are not willing we can explore this too and where we hold this feeling in our body. 

I shall continue this exploration in a further installment so you are welcome to contact me if you want any help or to ask a question.

I can be contacted through this site with any help or questions you may have.

Blessings of Love on your exploration.

Margarita Foley

Posted Sep 21, 2013   

Margarita Foley      It's good to talk in person. If you would like to chat about any aspect of 

      energy / spiritual transformation I will be very happy to hear from you.

      Please feel free to contact me through this site. Contact me by email.

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