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Praying Inside Words

Praying Inside Words

When we stop and slow down we arrive at the same place and see it as if for the first time. This is what happens when we enter into the words of a prayer like the 'Our Father'. A new world opens up before us and allows us to enter into a dimension of ourselves where we too are transformed and can enter the flow of wholeness and peace that comes straight from the heart of a loving Creator, the true Source of being. Let us take this journey with an open heart, leaving aside our fears and our prejudices and knock on the door of our own hearts.We can be a doorway to peace for many others.

We long for a place where our hearts can slow down and rest from all the chaos , the fear, the violence, and hatred to which we are exposed today But where to go? We are like the prodigal son who asked his father for his inheritance and then went away to spend it on "wine,women and song". He had a great time and many friends until his money was gone. Life which had seemed so wonderful now became sad and bleak. He had no money, no food and all his fairweather friends faded away. What was he to do? He decided to put his pride in his pocket and return to his father's house. The father had been looking out for him for a long time and welcomed him back with open arms. He had beeen watching for his son's return for many years and now here he was, home again. The father wanted to celebrate with a big party but the man's brother was unhappy and jealous. 

This story can guide us on our return to the true source of our being. We are given a pathway back. We need to be as simple as children to return there. That pathway is a prayer called "Our Father" 

Before we enter let us take a cleansing shower to wash away the grime and dust from our spirit and heart.

EMO has a lovely exercise where we allow a waterfall of energy to wash through us to open up the energy pathways of our body.

We can now use the same exercise but this time

1. We allow the waterfall of The Spirit of Love to wash through our being. It will open up the rusty doors and pathways of our spirit.

2.   Taking a few deep breaths we enter into the words 'Our Father' and allow the energy they contain to flow through us.

3.   If those words evoke sorrow and hurt in us we can 'soften and flow 'them until we are running clear again.

4.   We can then allow our hearts to open to the deeper meaning of the words and the joys and challenges we discover.

5.   When we say 'Our Father' we are accepting that we are all belonging to the one human family.

6.    We cannot be family and hate each other. It may seem impossible and we can feel helpless to do anything to help it to happen. 

The Spirit of Love who is there for each person can transform our hearts and take us from a place of fear and anger to a place of strength and peace. We mean the peace of non violence. This does not mean that all of the family are going to change overnight . But we are coming into a place where true peace begins. So let us stay with these words and allow their true meaning and power to be in us so that we in our turn can allow peace to flow to our brothers and sisters who do not know the power of non violence and who need our love to begin to understand. This can begin in our hearts and spread into our actions, even the simplest everyday actions which can be channels of peace in our world. 

Let us begin today and rediscover the powerful beings we truly are when we return home to our heart.

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Posted Sep 8, 2014   

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