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Politics and Emotrance

by Margarita Foley

Where Emotions evoked by politics. feelings when your preferred candidate loses. the good of the country......

Today we have a new government. There is much excitement in some quarters. Is it a case of new brooms sweeping clean? I have felt quite strongly about the names that Gordon Brown has been called by certain sections of our society. This has led me to reflect on how we are being influenced/manipulated by what celebrities and some public figures say. As I listen to some talk stations it is shocking to hear some of the drivel being fed back as if it were personal opinion. I find this very disturbing. I am having to do much Emotrance on my feelings of anger, and upset at the loss of respect for people in our society. It seems as if people have become commodities to be used, abused and disposed of. Yes, Gordon Brown is a man of committment and like many people who are passionate he has made mistakes and even the wanting to be prime minister is in itself a mark of his passion. Strong personalities do not always allow for the creativity of others in their administration. But like the animals when someone becomes ulnerable to predators they bray for blood. They continue until they tear the animal to pieces. Unfortunately we may become part of the pack unless we stop and ask ourselves how we feel about people and situations. We waste much energy on blame and criticism and negativity. But this is where Emotrance can help clear the 'stuck energy' in our systems and allows us the freedom to see clearly, to forgive mistakes, our own and others, to challenge where neccessary and to contribute positively to discussions on public figures and situations of common interest. Below is a sample of this is done.

When listening, looking or reading news that disturbs, or annoys us. We ask ourselves:

Where do I feel this in my body?

It is only an energy and it needs to flow. So I put my attention on the part of my body where I feel the emotion. We breathe into it and say, "This is only an energy. Soften and flow"

We listen to where this subtle energy wants to travel out of our body and we stay focussed on it until it clears completely from our body.

The sense of freedom and wellbeing that follows is amazing. Amazing too is the clarity that we can experience. We are no longer prisoners of a multitude of emotions which frequently pull us in different directions. We are able to look at people and situations from a calm clear space and notice things  of which previously we may have been unaware.

Thus we may appreciate the gifts that different groups of people can contribute in a situation whether at the national, international or local level.

Emotrance is a gift which is available to everyone. You can contact for information whether you are a politician who feels rejected by the people or a person who is disappointed at your party's defeat or if you simply feel cynical about public life in general.

Margarita Foley

12th May 2010

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Posted May 12, 2010 by Margarita Foley   

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