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Oh My God she gasped as she plunged into the

Oh My God she gasped as she plunged into the

O my God she gasped as she plunged into the ….

.... .pure water of her soul. Filled with a new awareness of unsuspected inner depths she longed to explore further the wonders she was now glimpsing. She paused and gazing around her she breathed deeply to quench the thirst that was filling her being. She wondered how she might enter more deeply into the vision that was becoming so attractive to her.

Plunging The Depths of The Oceans

Who might teach her the way there? Taking another deep breath and filling her lungs she noticed the purity of the air and immediately she knew there was another world awaiting her. Yet she needed a soul friend to accompany her on this journey into these as yet unknown realms. She suddenly became aware of her desire to plunge deeper into the Ocean Of Love.

Remembering the saying that “when the student is ready the teacher appears” she felt the time could be  “now” as she had met someone who had already travelled this path. Her name was Margarita which means ‘pearl’.  As the friction of the sand and the soft vulnerable tissue of the oyster with time forms the beautiful coveted pearl  so too had the heart and soul of this wise guide been formed.

Something has brought you too to this place and time. Is it time for you to now gently walk this path? Margarita offers a warm hearted supportive accompaniment through four weeks exploration of the Oceans of Love and beyond.

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Margarita Foley

Evolving Spiritually

Evolving Spiritually is a 4 step exploration for people who want to deepen their inner life of connection with their Divine Source. Knowledge of  Emotrance or EFT is not necessary as these are easily learned during the course. As we explore we will ally Spirituality with Energy Movement in the body to transform and evolve ourselves and lives as we discover and experience our ever deepening Divine Connection.

This exploration and journey will take place over Skype with space for up to 4 people per session to remain intimate.

   Connecting with the Divine   

Week 1

Connecting to our Divine Centre

Entering into a relationship with the Source of our being or God for those who feel happy with this name. We come as we are and learn to connect in a real way with that Source. We open our body, mind and spirit to the Energy of the Divine. Through movement, stillness, chanting, listening, looking, speaking, every part of our being opens us up to a different experience of our deepest core. Energy Techniques facilitate this action  


Week  2   


Forgiving is a letting go of all that hinders a flowing relationship with our Divine Being and other people. Project Sanctuary is an energetic space where we can meet people we need to forgive and from whom we receive forgiveness. It is also a space where we can creatively communicate with Our Divine Spirit to heal and transform life events and contribute to peace in the world.


Week  3   


 EMO is a way of receiving  energetic essence of God, Saints, Holy People, and people we admire, such as the special quality of the Divine Love of God (by whatevever name we know it), the aware presence of Mary the Mother of God, the caring energy of a Mother Teresa,  the essence of so many great people. It is also a way of absorbing the energy of prayer, The Our Father, a poem, a song, or music that nourishes our spirit.

 Positive Connection

Week   4      

 Positive Connection

 Positive EFT is a way of tapping the energy of The Divine into our energy systems. It takes us from asking favours from a Being outside of us to an awareness of the living Divine Spirit within us. Our challenges can become a source of enrichment.  There are endless ways we can contribute to a better world  through this connection to Divine Abundance.

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Margarita wishes that this course be open to everyone, whatever the budget.

Request your FREE Experience Session With Margarita 

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Add Margarita to your Skype contacts using Skypename: margarita.foley

Arrange a short Skype test with Margarita to test and make sure your internet connection is stable

Skype Video Practical Details

  1. Please install the latest version of Skype which allows multiple video conferencing
  2. Please add margarita.foley to your Skype contacts
  3. Please make sure you have microphone and speakers, headsets prefered.
  4. Please be online 10 minutes before the start time to be ready to join the group video call

If you require some coaching to gain familiarity with Skype before the course begins, please contact Margarita to arrange a time to meet on Skype after enrollment

The Oceans of Love Are Waiting For You

To Be Discovered and Experienced


Posted Mar 16, 2015   

Margarita Foley      It's good to talk in person. If you would like to chat about any aspect of 

      energy / spiritual transformation I will be very happy to hear from you.

      Please feel free to contact me through this site. Contact me by email.

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