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Mary And The Energy World

Mary And The Energy World

We are beginning to rediscover how people and events that have seemed mythical are real and are close to our energy discoveries today.

Mary and the Angel

We all run scared of what we dont understand. Mary the mother of Jesus is and was one of us. She would have understood the world of energy very well from her personal experience.

When, as the Bible story tells us it was announced to her that she was to become the mother of the Messiah she was scared. She was unmarried and in those days there was no question in that society of sexual relationships out of a marriage committment.

How was this going to happen in the natural order of events? She was assured that anything was possible with God and that she would conceive the Child by the power of God's Spirit.

While many feel this is a convenient spiritual myth  I find it very possible. I have no proof of course, but I prefer to see it as a possibility.Mary was so clear in her energy and so focussed on God that nothing seemed to be beyond the bounds of possibility. After all everything in the Universe is moved by energy as we are begiining now to discover for ourselves.

So this weekend Catholics are celebrating Mary's pure clear energy which is considered to be a gift from God because of the role she was to play in bringing a new dispensation to birth. Of course every baby is conceived in a movement of energy by it's parents. It is called love.

Love has many levels and aspects but always is a movenent of energy. Would it be impossible for the Source of Energy in the universe to allow a baby to form in the womb of a woman without her having had a sexual relationship. Each of us can decide whether we see this as a possibility.

For people who believe it,it changes the world view and especially when we learn that she was instrumental in giving the world Jesus, who was the Word or the Energetic Expression of The Father or Source of all Creative Energy. It brings new awareness to human beings and if followed through honestly and with integrity could lead to a world where people love, respect and share with each other the gifts of the earth in a fair and just way.

Religion may seem to have failed but perhaps it has not been followed as Mary lived it. Religion means"tying back to the source of life", but sadly people can use it in a small and selfish way to control as well as to serve thir fellow human beings.

Energists today are also people who hear this inner movement of their spirit energy to live in a truer,more authentic way. They look to be in the true Energy Flow of the Universe and to enable others to find this for themselves.

We could well look again at the Energy Movement that touched Mary and enabled millions of people to discover that the Creative Energy Flow in the universe is personal and in a relational flow of being with other personal beings, that is The Word, who became Jesus in this world and The Spirit of Love who brings about the Creative Flow.

Why not use Emotional Transformation to clear the energy of our doubts and scepticism and allow us to rediscover one of the greatest wonders of our world.

Who knows what is possible until we try it?

Mary and the Infant Jesus

Posted Dec 5, 2013   

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