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Loving Yourself First

Loving Yourself First

Love Yourself First

Can I love someone else before I love myself? Yes I can but how much better when I truly love  myself  first ?

I'm Loving You With Every Beat of My Heart

How can that be?

  1. Ask yourself, “Do I love myself?”
  2. Notice what you feel when you ask this question. Where in your body is this feeling? Where on the Sue Scale am I?

Using any of the Energy modalities, EMO or EEFT or any other, we can release this feeling and discover the true answer.

We may notice a host of emotions, perhaps very subtle at first and as we listen to our body we may be surprised to discover that we do not love ourselves very much.

How to release all those feelings?

  1.  Simply allow them to flow into the Snow Globe until you feel they have drained out of your body. Then release them over your head and listen.
  2. Check your level on the Sue Scale again
  3. Keep doing this until you reach a +10 or “The Energised End State”

Now you will notice a huge evolution in your ability to love another person or a group of people.

Doing this will transform our personal and community relationships. We need to simply do a quick check each day to keep our channels open and flowing.

Our joy in life and in our relationships and interactions will begin to change the world around us. We will be a people of abundance realizing how much we have to offer to others. We will have the capacity to receive so much more from one another.



Posted May 26, 2015   

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