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Living A Life Of Celebration

Living A Life Of Celebration

We celebrate the Big Events of our lives, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. These are reminders to us of the possibility of celebrating something in every event of our lives

Christmas Tree at Home

Christmas bells are ringing everywhere and the Christmas festival is fast approaching. For some it is the Mid Winter celebration, for others it is the birth of a Child who was to transform the life of humanty. Because we see it as a historical event we may get lost in our present day ideas of celebration. We can renew this however by asking ourselves what we really want as a gift this year. Is it a new piece of lego, a new notebook.laptop,or iphone? 

Whatever we want carries a deeper feeling hidden in it. What is yours?

Pause for a moment to think about this. You may surprise yourself with what you uncover in your desire. Generally our desire is for something that will give added value to our lives. I have been thinking about what I want this Christmas. I was surprised to find I could not come up with anything much.

As a group we have decided that in place of mutual gift giving we will give the money for the people of the Phillipines who have lost so much. 

I ask myself what the feeling is I am looking for and it is "to open my heart more" to other people. Christmas always warms my heart and I want everyone to be able to celebrate their life in some way no matter how small. I feel enriched by the thought of the goodness of  people who share with others. So in this gesture that is the heart gift I am looking for.

So I am preparing for Christmas now by tapping in the deeper gift I need. I tap in, "a more open heart" for a few rounds, and then other thoughts come to me, "a heart big as the world", "a compassionate heart" " a heart glowing with love", and indeed the "heart of gold".

Even as I tap I begin to experience the joy of Christmas growing in me. I can even give a hop, skip, and jump of excitement as my 'heart of a child' is renewed in the joy of Christmas.

As Christmas Day comes round I will have moved into a deeper sense of celebration of the feast and of life as it unfolds. So when the January days follow I will continue to discover other reasons to continue celebrating life.

Of course not every event calls immediately for dancing and song, but even in the darkest places light can shine so I think I know what my New Year resolution is.

Posted Dec 12, 2013   

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