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Letting Go

Letting Go is one of the most powerful actions which has taken place in our world and yet we do not fully appreciate its true meaning in our lives, in our personal and international  relationships.

Tonight I was thinking about "letting go" and how necessary it is for all of life to grow and be healthy, wealthy and wise. I looked at the tiny white round host that is the shape of the Eucharist and I was filled with awe at the wonder of the divine "letting go". This was from a state of pure flow and bliss to enter our world and accept it's millions of limitations. In becoming human Jesus took on our limitations and as a result empowers us to let go of our limitations so we can enter the state of flow and dare I say it the state of bliss.

The bliss state is of course like "even flow" something we need to let go and allow. So there it is. Everything connects to everything else....A fantasy? A dream? Only when we refuse to let go of the narrow confines of our conscious minds to explore the vast oceans of energy that surround us. When we do the 'miraculous happens. 


" Letting Go " feels like weakness until we stop and see what it means in our lives and what it can mean between people, communities, and nations. It does not mean that we just open our hands and let go. It means that we choose to release our limited viewpoint and open to other viewpoints and perspectives. We also need to allow the energy of compassion to flow into and through us.

When we see what young children are capable of achieving when they are faced with a crisis situation sometimes involving a parent, we see the power of letting go of all fear and hesitation to accomplish what is most needed in the moment.                                            


Posted Oct 8, 2013   

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