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Is God Present Or Absent?

Is God Present Or Absent?

We can realize we are not alone and the Presence we call God is not distant from us but is within our very being. We may look at our human living and find traces of God speaking with us through our daily life.

Our emotions and feelings tell us so much about our relationship with ourselves and with the Spirit of God living in us and being expressed through our lives. So when we forget this relationship and focus on aspects of our lives that do not honour who we are, we are on the way to unhappiness and other distressing events.

 Light in Darkness

We need to pause and reflect on our actions. When we leave the path of our heart we easily become lost in what used to be described as false Gods. Although money in this area has bad press it is not money in itself that is false.

 Rather it is our unhealthy attachment to money, our fear of not having enough or our belief that we are more powerful the more money we have.

 By noticing where we feel our relationship with money is in our body and releasing it and re-installing the energy of a healthy belief about money we can move in a happier, healthier way in our lives.

I have found this way of looking gently at our lives and discovering that where God appears absent or not present or seems silent we can make a beautiful discovery.


  1.   Allow yourself to notice your feelings about God ?
  2. Is God present, absent or non-existent for you?
  3. Where do you feel this in your body?
  4. Even feeling nothing is a feeling
  5. Allow the energy of this to move into or out of your body
  6. Notice your feelings now and continue to move the energy until you notice something different
  7. Even if you do not have a belief in God simply give thanks to Life.
  8. Follow the link below. It may help you to find more happiness and peace in your daily living.

I am happy to help you with this in whatever you may need. Contact by email and we can arrange a time for consultation.

Posted Aug 21, 2016   

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