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How I increased my energy in a few minutes

Here's how I released low energy and stepped into a higher energy state in only a few minutes.

It was early morning and I was setting out on a 20 minute walk. My body felt tired and heavy. There was no transport available as it was early morning. I wondered how I was going to find the energy to get to my destination. Then I remembered the many little tools I had to help with this. The easiest and most available technique was Emotrance.

This allowed me to be aware of my tired feelings and release them quite simply by allowing them to soften and flow out of my body. I then chose to allow an inflow of bright sparkling energy to flow in through the top of my head. Sometimes I flow the energy through my heart. It flowed through me like a fine energy and straight away I felt like walking with my body held straight and a feeling of joy and lightness inside me.

As I continued to walk along I was amazed at how the simple awareness of feelings in the body helped me to change from tired downhearted feelings to bright joyful ones. I continue to feel the benefit of this one simple decision to change my mood. I now am able to really enjoy daily walks.

Anyone can learn this simple very versatile way of releasing, transforming, and increasing energy. It's called Emotrance.

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Posted Feb 1, 2012   

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