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How can the everyday person become a mystic?

How can the everyday person become a mystic?

What One Everyday ‘Mystic’ finds helpful

We do not have to live in a monastery to be a mystic. We have to live the everyday in a way that honours who we are as human beings or as religious people.

I am writing for the everyday Catholic Christian.

How can the everyday person become a mystic?

Firstly simply by being aware of ourselves as a person in a body with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For example we can notice what we think about and talk to ourselves about constantly. We can notice what we feel physically without becoming absorbed in our feelings. We can notice the things that make us feel sad, angry, guilty, revengeful, and so on without becoming overwhelmed by our emotions. How do we do this?

We take some time at the beginning and end of our day to notice ourselves and how we live in our body. This can take as little as 5 minutes or longer if we have time. We start by taking a few deep breaths to let go of any stress. (This may take longer until we practice it a bit.)We do not need to beat ourselves up when we find we have not been as we want to be. God is an Ocean of Love and is ready to pour it out when we look at/ experience God in our own hearts.

We may begin with the simple sign of the Cross. Here I do not mean a quick rub over our face and chest. No, I mean we place our hand on our forehead and with all our being we allow the words and the power of them to flow down inside our body and out all around us. This can be done slowly at first and with practice and awareness can be so powerful for us.

In the name of the Father…. Let the power of these words flow through us from the forehead down our body.

And of the Son ….. As our hand comes down our body we allow the presence and power of Jesus’ name to be in us.

And of the Holy Spirit…. We allow God’s Spirit to pass through our body especially through our heart and change us.

We just need to allow God present in our body to help us change and be more loving human beings. God will teach us from the inside and God’s word in the readings at Mass and in the Bible will nourish us and show us how to be better people in our Church and in all parts of our lives. God is an Ocean of Love and wants to pour love into all of us for our wellbeing and joy. This enables us to go out in love to other people and not be afraid of one another.


Margarita Foley 9th June 2016

Posted Jun 9, 2016   

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