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Helping our Brothers and Sisters in Syria Energetically

We long to help the suffering people of Syria. The power to help politically, economically and socially rests on the forgotten dimension of the spirit. Military power may no longer be the primary solution.



                                                        Helping our Brothers and Sisters in Syria Energetically


While we may wring our hands in despair at the suffering of the vulnerable people of Syria and other places in the world we need to remember we can do more than practical things to help. I mean the neglected world of our spiritual connection.

Cynics may nod and say ‘Rubbish’, but they are mistaken. Someone once said that more is wrought through prayer than this world dreams of. WE are not talking here about the expression of prayer called the Prayer of Asking.

Prayer is in essence, our connection to God or whoever we call the Source of our being. This is where we can spiritually connect with all other human beings not through the outer appearance but through the inner world of the spirit also called the world of the heart.

We are all aware of our Economic, Political and Social interconnectedness and we very often forget the Spiritual dimension of our human being. We are being called to reassess this as we see with horror how human beings destroy each other.

We are conditioned to live in our heads and we have forgotten that we are whole people Body, Mind and Spirit. We are spirits living in a body. When we begin to relate to each other from this dimension we can transform the way we relate to each other.

Here is a simple exercise to help us live more fully in our body.

  1.  Take 2 or 3 deep breaths and notice how it deepens your feeling in your body
  2. When you feel resistance or stuckness of any kind, simply breathe into it and RELEASE it
  3. Breathe into your heart and allow your desire to help to grow strong
  4. Ask the Source of your Being to help us all to change our hearts and to enable us to care for and not destroy each other

This is simply a sample of what is possible. Imagine the powerful energy of Peace that is possible when people remember they are interconnected and together they can bring about change. We remember Ghandi and how he got the people to use soul power to block an army.

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Posted Aug 31, 2013   

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