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Have You Lost A Child?

Have You Lost A Child?

Have You Lost A Child?

Poem by Margarita Foley

This is a poem inspired by a child who was missing.

It is symbolic of  the countless people who have lost the child in their own heart and of the numerous ways we we unconsciously search for the child within.




Have You Lost A Child?

I returned home and found my child was not there?
I wept and called and wondered who or where
I called again
The echoes answered me.
I turned left, I turned right, frantic, desperate I searched all night,
Alone, afraid, I searched not knowing what I would find
Soon I was joined by hordes of hungry onlookers all of whom had lost a child
but who had forgotten or ignored their pain and now
just stood and stared, and wanted to call out their rage at me
for reminding them of what they too have lost
But I walk on and continue the search for the child
who is calling to me from what dark and hidden corner I know not where
But I know at break of day the child's face will smile mischievously back at me
And I will gather her up in my arms and show her to the waiting crowds
in the hope that they too will search and find their lost child

By Margarita Foley

Posted Feb 13, 2015   

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