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Flowing Free

Flowing Free

Flowing Free, A Poem by Margarita Foley

A poem to draw us into the flow of our being. Like the river flowing we experience the many movements of that flow and how any obstacle can be transformed and evolved.


Flowing free

I begin at the source,I flow down the hill
I circle a stone, and it is without force
I keep on flowing for miles and miles
I gather some leaves and some moss and some twigs.
The trout leap at first and then they slow down
It happens like this when I get near a town
Now leaves and moss and twigs have their place
But when they come together it becomes quite a race
The flow becomes blocked and the trout cannot leap
I have to clear the river before going to sleep
I gently release the moss, leaves and twigs
They now become nourishment rich and deep
for all those who live and survive on my banks
And you my dear friend are you flowing
freely and easily and clearing the dross
Can you leap like the trout and not feel the loss
of the energy you've wasted or do you get cross and
wonder why you have been so foolish not to have paid attention
to the flow of the river from its source to its cross.

By Margarita Foley

Posted Feb 13, 2015   

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