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The SUE scale is an easy and powerful way to enable anyone evolve their energy state. You can be in charge of your Energy Level at any time when you use the SUE scale to check your energy level and Positive EFT to bring into your body the energy you need and want instead. This can happen very quickly and will astound you with its efficacy. All it needs is for you to do it.

The SUE Scale


How are you feeling today? Happy? Peaceful? Energetic? Joyful? Energised? Beautiful?

Kind? Generous? Rich? Powerful? Creative? Spiritual? Attractive?


Stressed? Sad? Lonely? Dejected? Depressed? Poor? Hopeless? Mean?  Unkind? Low Energy?

Powerless? Dull? Stuck ? Unattractive? Ugly?

What do you want your life to be? Perhaps you are not even sure you can change anything?

No matter where you are on the scale above help is at hand.

This scale was devised by Silvia Hartman of the Guild of Energists. It allows us to measure where our Energy level is at any moment. But more than that Silvia has given us Energy EFT, a marvellous way which evolved from EFT and was greatly influenced by Silvia’s own innovation- EMO (Emotrance). Out of this Silvia also made the discovery that instead of spending a long time tapping on unhelpful states it is possible to tap for the energy that we need instead.

This is called Positive EFT. This is so easy to do and can enable a change of emotional and energetic state very quickly. Can you imagine yourself quickly moving from powerless to powerful? It may seem like a mammoth task especially when you feel in low energy or in a low mood.

Try this:

  1.   How are you feeling now?
  2. Look on the scale above and spontaneously pick a number to indicate your energy level.
  3. Place your hands on your heart and breathe deeply three times naming the mood or  energy state you want to enter into.
  4. Now  tap on the energy you need

Top of head,

Middle of Forehead

Eyebrow near corner of nose

Side of the eye

Under the eye

Under the Nose

On the Chin

On the Collar Bone

Side of Thumb by nail

Side of Index finger by nail

Side of Middle Finger by nail

Side of ring finger by nail

Side of Little finger by nail

Tap on side of hand stating the energy you need X 3times

Placing your hands on your heart again take 3 Deep Breaths

  1. Check where your energy is on the SUE scale
  2. Keep tapping until you feel on top of the world. You May need to add something new to the energy such as for example: Powerless, you can say Powerful, Even more Powerful…Very, Very Powerful etc…

You may soon find that you have left your low energy state far behind and you are in a very different energy so you can be more who you are and take whatever action you need to take in your life.

Margarita Foley

May 7th 2015


Posted May 7, 2015   

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