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Energy Movement And The Meditative State

Energy Movement And The Meditative State

Energy movement in the body enables us to quickly come to a meditative state where we can evoke whatever energy is needed in any situatioin that may arise in our day and in our lives.

                              Energy Movement and a Meditative State

By ‘ meditative state’ I mean entering into an aspect of my being where I am free to be whoever and whatever I wish to be. This may sound daunting since sometimes I do not find it very easy to be in this aspect. But these days with the  rediscovery of the movement of energy through our body systems we are enabled to move into this aspect quite quickly.

Morning sunrise

Here is an example of what I do. It is early morning and I may be a bit tired and still wanting to sleep for a little longer. I open my eyes and allow myself to focus on the day ahead. Thoughts about different events may flow in and it is easy for me to get lost in my thoughts. The effect of this is to take me out of my body and into my head. This is not conducive to being centred and at peace with myself at the beginning of the day.

Then I remember to tune into the feelings in my body which may arise because of my thoughts. I notice where I feel a discomfort or a feeling of blockage. I realize that this is causing me to be ‘out of the flow state’. So I quickly release the energy blockages by telling myself it is just energy that needs to flow. I can either,’Breathe into the blockage’ and allow it to soften and flow out from my body by whatever pathway it wants, or I can use a round of Energy Tapping (EFT, Energy EFT, or my favourite Positive EFT) to release energy blockages.

I can then evoke the energy of the aspect or the state I need and allow it to flow through me and out. I love to pray the Lord’s prayer in the morning and I enter into the energy of the words. The energy of the words is rich with life and through it my experience of my day is transformed.

At the moment when I think of the efforts of peace creation in Syria my thoughts bring me there as I pray, “Our Father in heaven may your name be held holy…”  Let me clarify this a little.

The words “OUR FATHER” bring me into the spiritual,energetic connection between all of humanity, the good,the bad ,and the indifferent. I experience this by allowing the energy of the words to flow through me. Again where I may feel, anger, fear, sadness, irritation with the state of things and the difficulty of dialog between the parties I may need to release any blockages in me and allow the energy of the ‘Our Father’ to flow through me until I am resonating very strongly with the desire for the unity of the different groups.

I can project this energy out and allow it to go towards that group with love, respect and the desire for them to find peace with each other and for the people of Syria. This allows me not to be a despairing spectator, but to contribute even in a small way to the love needed to find real peace for the people of Syria.

I realize this is a huge step for everyone at this point but when the energy of LOVE flows miracles are possible.

What I have just shared can also be used for our everyday life situations. We can clear our energy systems, get centred and our knowing becomes clearer. It is possible to bring whatever energy is needed into all the areas and situations of our lives.

Margarita Foley

January 2014

Posted Jan 25, 2014   

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