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Energy Flow and Christianity

Energy Flow and Christianity

I am a believing Christian and I often wonder why some Christians have a problem with Energy or Energy Healing. So my starting and finishing point I hope, is from a point of view which I have found from the words of Jesus in the gospels.

Jesus came to bring us life in abundance. His own words are, “I came that you may have life and have it to the full.” This is my belief. I feel that the Energy of Jesus is what heals us. Does that make you shudder?  I mean my using the word ‘energy’ in relation to Jesus.

Energy Needs to Flow

What happens to us when we are ill? Is it our organic/physical bodies just giving up?  That is how we may feel when we see how much western medicine seeks to ‘repair’ the body with operations and a wide variety of drugs and such. But how if doctors could also look at what else the body may be lacking or needing or indeed what was happening before someone became ill.

I am a religious Sister for many, many years and since I committed my whole life to the Person of Jesus it was important to me to have a living experience of the presence of my Beloved. I would not be satisfied with a vague intellectual belief.

As a Catholic I have learned all the prayers such as ‘The Our Father’, The Hail Mary’ or greeting prayer to Mary as one of us who in saying ‘Yes’ allowed Jesus /the Son of God to become one of us while carrying in his soul ‘His Being The Word of God’. Like each of us his coming to us as a human person did not save him from human suffering of all kinds.

Thanks to Jesus the words, ‘Our Father’ have in them the energy of the whole human race, of all ages. When I pray ‘Our Father’ I acknowledge that I am energetically or spiritually connected to the whole human race as well as individual people. My contact with these is limited to my soul’s journey. I can connect spiritually /energetically to them all and I may support the healing of some.

For many years we have forgotten our spirit or energy body and soul. This is where the greatest hurts both spiritually, physically, socially and globally occur. Silvia Hartmann* was the first person I heard speaking of the emotions as the feedback from our spirit or energy body. This makes so much sense and it explains how many terrible things happen in us and in the world when we ignore this information. That is why forgiveness is not simply a religious ‘thing’. Forgiveness is the letting go of our feelings of hurt so our energy is free to look at what happened in a much broader way.

Here is the basic way to let go of the energy of hurt.

I feel my body from the inside and notice where I am holding the energy when I feel hurt.

 I look at it but do not relive it. I breathe into it and let it go.

Do this for yourself about a personal hurt, or maybe about an injustice you are aware of and react to. It can be anything. When the energy of your spirit flows freely you are open to heal yourself and situations.

When you really believe Jesus’ Spirit lives in you then you can become a powerful Energy Healer through Jesus’ Energy/Spirit’.

  • Silvia Hartmann The Channel  for EMO or Emotrance and all the many wonderful expressions we can read about when we google her name

Margarita Foley

June 22nd 2017

Posted Jun 29, 2017   

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