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EMO And The Power of the Cross

EMO And The Power of the Cross

Who would have seen the power of the Cross and the nuclear power of energy that it contains? Since learning Emotrance My faith has come alive and real in a newer way. I have always believed that the Cross is the symbol of the out pouring of new life.

On top of the world

It was Jesus’ acceptance of all the energy of the pain and lack of love of humanity that led him to surrender everything to the Father(The Source).  In releasing all that misery and pain to the Love that God is, Jesus received the tremendous power for all of humanity to release and receive that same power.

As Catholics we have a symbol for that movement of surrender and receiving and it is called ‘The Sign Of The Cross’.

So in releasing all emotions of hurt, fear, rejection, and so forth we are opening the door to new life.

When I as a Catholic have the intention to receive that power of love in my being I can allow the power of God’s love to emerge from my own heart and flow through me to people and situations that arise in my life.

Often when Catholics ask me to pray for them I ask them if we can pray together .

I point out to them that in making the sign of the Cross we are entering into the movement of  Jesus surrender in Love to the Father.

They too can raise their hands and let go of all that troubles and upsets them. They then open to the downflow or outflow of all that they need through that flow of Love.

So although Emotrance is simply a way to release the energy of our emotions it is a gift that enables Catholic believers to find new life and hope in their Faith. What a gift !

I have also learned from a man named Joshua Bloom the importance of the body and being fully in our bodies. His process  is similar to Emotrance in many aspects although he uses different concepts.

I have found that most of us try to ‘see’ what is in our bodies from the perspective of our head. This keeps us in our head and does not allow us to ‘be’ in our bodies. Joshua Bloom teaches a way to be in the body quickly and easily. Joshua also teaches a process called “Quantum EnergyTransformation”  that connects us to the wider Energy Fields through our body. This is similar to Silvia Hartmann’s Project Sanctuary. I find a wonderful complementarity for me in both processes.

As a Catholic I am aware of the body as a temple of God’s Spirit. It is a concept that is often ignored so through all the gifts of the movement of energy I have been able to renew my awareness of this wonderful concept and its implications for our lives and for the peace of the world.

Here is a short meditation for you to experience this for yourself should you wish to do this or include your own Source for your being and your life.

Meditation of Surrender and New Life

  1.  Stand up and take a few deep cleansing breaths
  2. Feel yourself standing in your body
  3. Release  tension in any part, by breathing into it
  4. Remember  something that upsets you( a personal event. The massacre of women and children, injustice, war, conflict….)
  5. Lift up your hands to God the Father(Source)
  6. Surrender your pain..hurt…fear..anguish.. financial worries.. anything and everything
  7. Allow God to pour healing love into your being like a waterfall of clear,dancing, sparkling energy from above your head or through your heart.
  8. If you are Catholic allow yourself to experience the presence of Jesus in you and the flow of the Holy Spirit through your whole body and your being
  9. You may also direct this energy to people/ situations in your life or to areas of conflict in the world....
  10. Notice any thoughts and feelings , inspirations,solutions arising in you,
  11. Send God a Hug


 Margarita Foley                                                           August 11th 2014

Posted Aug 11, 2014   

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