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The Day that Emotrance helped start a 'stuttering' car engine

by Margarita Foley

The Day that Emotrance helped start a 'stuttering' car engine

When our car stopped dead in the middle of the motorway we were stunned for a moment. We imagined ourselves stranded out there not knowing who to call on. Although we are with AA in Britain this happened in Ireland and we forgot we could contact them. I sat and wondered what next and then Emotrance and Project Sanctuary both came to my assistance. Emotrance helped to clear the energy of the emotions and Project Sanctuary took me to the place whereI found the solution.

We cruised along the motorway admiring the view and happy to be on our way to our destination. Suddenly there was a 'chug' and a shudder and the car engine died. 'Boom' we looked at each other and wondered how we could get the car going again quite a few miles from any kind of help. The driver went for a short walk and scratched his head and wondered. I stayed in the car and felt quite helpless. However I always believe these things happen for a reason.

So as I often do I turned, not God directly although I do believe God speaks to us through all the situations in our lives. No, I turned to Emotrance to help clear the feelings of helplessness and allow some inspiration to flow in. Then I turned to the ever helpful Project Sanctuary where I know I will find help and at least hints as to the solution I imagined a car engine like ours starting up and running very smoothly When I could visualize the car very clearly I attached an energy tube from the car to our car.

My brother got in the car, turned the key and 'broom' it started. It dragged and stuttered a little and then began to move quite quickly. It was not running perfectly however and when we got to our destination we contacted the AA. The AA man could not find anything wrong and recommended we go to a garage nearby. My brother decided the car would get us home even if it chugged a little.

Everything was fine until we were about to turn off the motorway near our home. Again the engine struggled. We pulled to the side and my brother revved the engine quite strongly. Suddenly it zoomed into life. Whatever caused the problem cleared and we cruised the rest of the way home. We even travelled from Swansea to London without a hitch. Co-incidence? I don't think so. Magic? Yes definitely, but not the idea we have of magic. No, but the magic that happens when we know that our energy mind or our spirit knows what to do.

When we allow the blocked energy of our feelings and thoughts to flow with emotrance and we trust our energy mind to find the answers I am convinced we can live much richer and creative lives.

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