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Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians have one powerful way of creating peace. We live in untold and untried inner wealth and power. We have not yet discovered this power. Let us begin by coming home to ourselves. We are travelling abroad through our thoughts. We are looking in the wrong places for answers to the questions that haunt us.  Unbridled fear paralyses us. Despair roams among us. A light is shining and we need to rediscover the sign posts to world peace and true wealth.

We were left a powerful summary of the truth of who we are. So much have we forgotten that we race through words and never inhabit them. We are creating a world of poverty. Let us examine our treasure.

By entering into and allowing ourselves to be inhabited by the prayer of Jesus, the" Our Father" we will discover a clear path forward.

Please read the following article: Standing in who we are.


Firstly by giving our thinking mind a break and allowing ourselves to drop down into our body we can begin to feel very differently we can become calm and able to release fear. A space inside us opens and we are able to reevaluate our situation as well as local and world situations. We discover a well of inspiration for ways we can contribute to a better world according to our abilities.

By allowing the energy of the words we say in the "our Father to flow in and through us we will discover worlds we have ignored. Today I will ask you to think about this and try it out. Next time I shall lead you deeper into the experience of the Our Father. Are you willing? You will be glad you released your scepticism and your negative thoughts about religion and give yourself a grat gift.

Posted Sep 17, 2013   

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