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Bereavement and Loss Support

Bereavement and Loss Support

For many years now I have been a volunteer in a wonderful bereavement support group. I have seen so many positive outcomes as a result of simple listening as well as allowing people to explore their feelings around their loss and the grief they are experiencing.

There have been times when I have longed to help people release the pain from their spirit or energy body. The ethos of the group does not allow for this however and at times I feel like an ache inside me to offer this service to people who are bereaved.

In fact It was during my very first training in Emotional Transformation in 2003 that I became aware of tremendous pain held in my spirit and which felt like a physical pain in my body. I was given such loving support and helped to release that pain which had its source in the death of two of my brothers at a relatively young age. In fact it may have even been there since I was 4 months old when my eldest brother died at age 4. I often feel I absorbed the grief of my family at that time.

With hindsight I saw how it affected me throughout my life in different circumstances and I was unaware of it.

The release I felt during the training was enormous and my spirit felt as if it was released from winding bands.

That is why I have decided to offer this service now. Together with my counselling and spiritual experience I know it will be of great benefit to people who are in the acute pain of loss following a death of someone close to them.

It is not only the loss of a loved one that can cause this acute pain. It can be job loss or some other trauma in our lives that causes us to experience such emotional pain which signals to us that we need to release any blockages in the flow of our life energy.

I am in North London and I am available to give sessions on skype also.

You are very welcome to contact me for a consultation.

Margarita Foley

February 2014

Posted Feb 25, 2014   

Margarita Foley      It's good to talk in person. If you would like to chat about any aspect of 

      energy / spiritual transformation I will be very happy to hear from you.

      Please feel free to contact me through this site. Contact me by email.

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