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A New Year to Follow The Star

A New Year to Follow The Star

A New Year and a new start! What a happy thought. We can release a lot of old thoughts feelings and emotions and be free to follow our star for 2014.

What do we think about this? And what feelings come up?

Excitement? Apprehension? Cynicism? Boredom?

Or maybe we feel it best to have a drink or a chat or something to ignore feelings that may cause us discomfort.

Yes it is one way of approaching the New Year. What are the options?


The happy people who have discovered that we are all one piece and that by attending to each part of us, can live happy lives no matter what challenges arise for them.

So what is the big secret? Why haven’t we all heard about this before now?

Perhaps we have, but other voices prevented us from knowing the truth about ourselves. When people know something is going to impact on them if many people know about it they will go to great lengths to fudge the information.

They use advertising to give the illusion that their way is the only way. Or they may say ‘ Energy’ or ‘Soul’ is ‘unscientific’ as if that were the only criteria available to the person.

The truth is that the ‘secret’ is not really secret. Human beings are programmed interiorly to know this but for various reason have chosen to ignore or deny it.

So what is it?

We have a physical body, a conscious mind and a soul. It is this combination that ideally makes us fully human.

We are a soul expressed through our human bodies.

The more modern words are called Physical Body,Conscious Mind,  Energy Mind, Energy Body and Soul .

The Conscious mind directs our thoughts which produce what we experience in our physical body as feelings/emotions. We sometimes have difficulty distinguishing what is a physical feeling from a feeling of energy or emotion.

The Energy Mind and the Energy Body are the unseen elements that hold all our experiences and are the real driving force of our being.

Our Soul connects us to the Source of our Being that Christians call God and that religions call by various names.

 Our Soul needs to be listened to carefully as it directs us to ‘Follow Our Star’ However our Soul is persistant and often leads us where we really did not want to go. What we perceive as misfortunes are nearly always  blessings in disguise.

How can we listen to our Souls?

Firstly by listening to our thoughts and the feelings they engender. Quiet time helps with this and if we wish there are various ways of accessing our deep mind. We have Various ways of transforming the energy of our spirit such as Prayer of the Heart,Emotional Transformation, EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, Quantum Transformation, Healing and so on.

So if you want to follow you star this year there are many people who are there to help you. It would be my joy to accompany you on your journey.

Margarita Foley

Posted Jan 7, 2014   

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