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The SUE scale is an easy and powerful way to enable anyone evolve their energy state. You can be in charge of your Energy Level at any time when you use the SUE scale to check your energy level and Positive EFT to bring into your body the energy you need and want instead. This can happen very quickly and will astound you with its efficacy. All it needs is for you to do it.

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Letting Go

Letting Go is one of the most powerful actions which has taken place in our world and yet we do not fully appreciate its true meaning in our lives, in our personal and international  relationships.

Tonight I was thinking about "letting go" and how necessary it is for all of life to grow and be healthy, wealthy and wise. I looked at the tiny white round host that is the shape of the Eucharist and I was filled with awe at the wonder of the divine "letting go". This was from a state of pure flow and bliss to enter our world and accept it's millions of limitations. In becoming human Jesus took on our limitations and as a result empowers us to let go of our limitations so we can enter the state of flow and dare I say it the state of bliss.

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Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians have one powerful way of creating peace. We live in untold and untried inner wealth and power. We have not yet discovered this power. Let us begin by coming home to ourselves. We are travelling abroad through our thoughts. We are looking in the wrong places for answers to the questions that haunt us.  Unbridled fear paralyses us. Despair roams among us. A light is shining and we need to rediscover the sign posts to world peace and true wealth.

We were left a powerful summary of the truth of who we are. So much have we forgotten that we race through words and never inhabit them. We are creating a world of poverty. Let us examine our treasure.

By entering into and allowing ourselves to be inhabited by the prayer of Jesus, the" Our Father" we will discover a clear path forward.

Please read the following article: Standing in who we are.

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