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Modern Stress Management including Spirituality----The Answer to Today's Life Challenges

 Welcome to my website

I am Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley

You are here to discover how you canrelease stress of all kinds and  find whatever you feel you most need for your life at this time. 

This is very familiar to me as I too am on this journey. I spent many years looking for answers in my own life. I have lived as a religious Sister for many years but have always wanted to be more in my life. 

What is the "more" you are searching for?

I am committed to truly loving/appreciating myself first and enabling others to have their best experience of themselves in their lives.

My life has been transformed when I looked at my responses to people and events and found how to evolve myself and as a result to experience life in a healthier way.

The experiences and skills of my whole life inform who I am now so all is good when I learned that my life story is written in my body.  This story often does not serve me so I have to discover how I can transform and evolve it.

My spiritual and faith life was a great gift and I then discovered ways of enhancing this through Energetic Transformation and connecting with the deeper world of energy surrounding all of us. The smooth flow of our lives is connected to the Spirit/Energy world which connects everything. 

When this world is not flowing we experience unhappiness and dissatisfaction. My passion is to enable flow in my own life and enable others to discover how to do this for themselves.

Among my skills are stress management, spiritual guidance, Healing, Reflexology, several forms of energetic and spiritual transformation. My trainings include EMO Energy In Motion, Energy EFT,Cone Energy, Healing, ReflexologQuantum Energy Transformation and many others.            

Free Initial Consultation 

You are most welcome to Contact Me for an initial free consultation to explore your needs and how I may be able to help you. If we agree to work together after our initial chat we can discuss times and forms of future sessions.



Evening Thanksgiving

Evening Thanksgiving

Peaceful evening

My heart travelling over the pathways

Of my childhood

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Bereavement and Loss Support

Bereavement and Loss Support

For many years now I have been a volunteer in a wonderful bereavement support group. I have seen so many positive outcomes as a result of simple listening as well as allowing people to explore their feelings around their loss and the grief they are experiencing.

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A Journey To Jerusalem The Home Of My Heart

A Journey To Jerusalem The Home Of My Heart

A visit to Jerusalem was only a dream until two weeks ago when a friend gifted me with a visit to this special city. For me it is the home of my heart.

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Energy Movement And The Meditative State

Energy Movement And The Meditative State

Energy movement in the body enables us to quickly come to a meditative state where we can evoke whatever energy is needed in any situatioin that may arise in our day and in our lives.

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A New Year to Follow The Star

A New Year to Follow The Star

A New Year and a new start! What a happy thought. We can release a lot of old thoughts feelings and emotions and be free to follow our star for 2014.

What do we think about this? And what feelings come up?

Excitement? Apprehension? Cynicism? Boredom?

Or maybe we feel it best to have a drink or a chat or something to ignore feelings that may cause us discomfort.

Yes it is one way of approaching the New Year. What are the options?

Posted Jan 7, 2014 3,258 Reads Read Article...

Living A Life Of Celebration

Living A Life Of Celebration

We celebrate the Big Events of our lives, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. These are reminders to us of the possibility of celebrating something in every event of our lives

Posted Dec 12, 2013 3,013 Reads Read Article...

Mary And The Energy World

Mary And The Energy World

We are beginning to rediscover how people and events that have seemed mythical are real and are close to our energy discoveries today.

Posted Dec 5, 2013 2,926 Reads Read Article...

The Power of Positives

The Power of Positives

For those who want a simple yet profound way of sparkling up all aspects of their lives Silvia Hartmann is generously sharing with the public the great gift that is The Positives.

She has found a faster and delightful way to transform the energy body with a totally new appproach.  I find my own energy creativity stimulated and my clients are delighted with it and never fail to leave without a broad smile and a feeling of "Ths is did we not know this before?" 

Silvia believes in enabling the client to come to the happiest place possible in the shortest time possible. And boy does she succeed.


Posted Nov 20, 2013 3,206 Reads Read Article...

The Present Moment and Emotional Transformation

The Present Moment and Emotional Transformation

The Present Moment is rich beyond compare because of the creative presence of God.

A present day gift called Emotrance or Emotional Transformation comes to calm our being and enable us to appreciate the richness of the moment

Posted Oct 11, 2013 2,983 Reads Read Article...

Letting Go

Letting Go is one of the most powerful actions which has taken place in our world and yet we do not fully appreciate its true meaning in our lives, in our personal and international  relationships.

Tonight I was thinking about "letting go" and how necessary it is for all of life to grow and be healthy, wealthy and wise. I looked at the tiny white round host that is the shape of the Eucharist and I was filled with awe at the wonder of the divine "letting go". This was from a state of pure flow and bliss to enter our world and accept it's millions of limitations. In becoming human Jesus took on our limitations and as a result empowers us to let go of our limitations so we can enter the state of flow and dare I say it the state of bliss.

Posted Oct 8, 2013 3,113 Reads Read Article...

Standing In Who We Are

Getting to know our initial reactions to the words,'Our Father' can lead us deeper in knowing who we are.

Posted Sep 21, 2013 2,514 Reads Read Article...

Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians are called to stand in who we are

Christians have one powerful way of creating peace. We live in untold and untried inner wealth and power. We have not yet discovered this power. Let us begin by coming home to ourselves. We are travelling abroad through our thoughts. We are looking in the wrong places for answers to the questions that haunt us.  Unbridled fear paralyses us. Despair roams among us. A light is shining and we need to rediscover the sign posts to world peace and true wealth.

We were left a powerful summary of the truth of who we are. So much have we forgotten that we race through words and never inhabit them. We are creating a world of poverty. Let us examine our treasure.

By entering into and allowing ourselves to be inhabited by the prayer of Jesus, the" Our Father" we will discover a clear path forward.

Please read the following article: Standing in who we are.

Posted Sep 17, 2013 3,063 Reads Read Article...

Helping our Brothers and Sisters in Syria Energetically

We long to help the suffering people of Syria. The power to help politically, economically and socially rests on the forgotten dimension of the spirit. Military power may no longer be the primary solution.

Posted Aug 31, 2013 4,034 Reads Read Article...

Transforming Stress Energy Using Imagery



With clients who are not energy sensitive and are unwilling to try working with the energy of events, releasing energy through images that are meaningful may be the answer.

Posted Aug 29, 2013 2,663 Reads Read Article...

Energy EFT Introductory Videos

Energy EFT Introductory Videos

For a brief introduction to Energy EFT check out this collection of short videos where Silvia Hartmann explains and introduces :


  • Where Energy EFT sits in the Mind Body Spirit triad
  • EFT and Energists
  • The SUE scale : from relief of pain and suffering to life beyond zero
  • EFT Demonstration and the Heart and Soul Protocol
Posted Jun 1, 2013 3,432 Reads Read Article...

The Power of Positive EFT

The Power of Positive EFT

I am still buzzing after a session I had tonight with a client using Positive EFT.

The client wanted to work on 3 or 5 issues that have been troubling her for some time.
At first I thought she would resist going straight to working on positive feelings instead of the traumatic feelings. On the contrary she was delighted.

Posted May 30, 2013 3,805 Reads Read Article...

The Bare Essentials

The Bare Essentials

The event of Christmas has a wonderful gift for each of us.

Experience it with me in this special meditation.

Posted Dec 28, 2012 3,805 Reads Read Article...

The True Movement of The Universe

The True Movement of The Universe

"No crash of drums, no flash of light and yet the most spectacular news of all has been celebrated this week-end in the Christian world. Even if we did have a great flash of light or a crash of drums would we get the message? Maybe yes, maybe no. Spring is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere and it too conveys something of the message and yet we don't seem to get it. Why? Perhaps because our heads are too busy and our minds are too preoccupied with other things like protests, strikes, wars, injustices and so forth. So we miss out on the simple solution to our problems. We feel that our problems are serious business and deserve more complex solutions. So we stay in our heads and forget our connection to the earth, to our environment and to other people. We need to enter by way of our body to be more grounded in reality.

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About my Space Node

This is a place of welcome and discovery of the magic of how energy flows through everything and can be used to enhance the lives of people in every area of their lives. Here you will learn how our conscious mind helps our spirit/energy mind to release and transform that energy so that we can achieve things never dreamed of before.

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How I increased my energy in a few minutes

Here's how I released low energy and stepped into a higher energy state in only a few minutes.

It was early morning and I was setting out on a 20 minute walk. My body felt tired and heavy. There was no transport available as it was early morning. I wondered how I was going to find the energy to get to my destination. Then I remembered the many little tools I had to help with this. The easiest and most available technique was Emotrance.

Posted Feb 1, 2012 3,101 Reads Read Article...
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